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While casually browsing the bookshelves at a local library, a young woman stumbles across a book about the sixteen year old martyr, Lady Jane Grey. As she attentively ingests each word, her mind is captivated by the realism of the events unfolding before her. Pages continue to turn as moments turn to hours. Her imagination soon gives way to reality as we are transported back in time to find Jane (Jerica Henline) on the eve of her execution, rejected by her people, dethroned, and locked in a tower because of her refusal to acquiesce to the faith of her cousin, Mary Tudor, and having for comfort her only faithful friend, Mrs. Ellen (Emily Meinerding). Follow this valiant young woman through the final hours of her life and be a part of the few to uncover the truth of this magnificent, untold story!

This short film is designed to educate viewers on the true story of this long forgotten martyr whose life has been shrewdly subjected to romanticism and falsehood by the propaganda of Hollywood screenwriters and liberal historical authors. Accompanied by an unwavering desire to strive for excellence in production values, it is our goal that viewers will be inspired by the story of a young woman who was resolved to remain steadfast in her allegiance to Jesus Christ. May God be glorified and His name be exalted. And may this film render the justice due to The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey.

Emily is 15 years old and has been involved in drama since she was 9. Although before her role in "The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey" she had never had experience in film, Emily has had parts in numerous theatre productions. Some of her favorite production roles have been Mary in "The Secret Garden", Betty in "The Crucible", July in "Annie", as well as playing several small parts in shows such as "Honk!" and "Les Miserables." In addition to drama, she also enjoys writing, singing, speech competitions, and most of all, dance, having had nearly 4 years of classical ballet training. Emily has had such a fun and wonderful experience being involved in this film, and she would like to thank J&J Productions for giving her the privilege to be a part of it.

Jerica is 18 years old, playing the role of Jane in this film. She has also played a leading role in “No Time,” J&J Production’s first film. Jerica has always enjoyed performing speeches since the age of eight, and for the past two years has competed in the National Christian Forensics Communication Association. This year, Jerica is enjoying participating in the SOAR speech club. She was also privileged to be on the set of “Ace Wonder” last year, and spent time with the acting coach on set. Jerica enjoyed writing the script, and acting as the main character in “The Forgotten Martyr: Lady Jane Grey,” and hopes it will touch many people’s lives.

Jerry is the father of the producers, Jerica and Joe Henline. He was originally cast for the part of Father Fekenham but was replaced, only to be reinserted upon the illness of his replacement. This is not Jerry’s acting debut, as he had a small speaking part as the pastor in Ace Wonder, Message From A Dead Man, to be released later in 2011.


In addition, Jerry was the Production Manager for the film, bringing his 29 years of business experience to the production of the film. He enjoys working closely with his family in Christian filmmaking opportunities, believing that God can be glorified, not only in the product, but in the production process.